The BlueFire flashlight gave up on me within a couple of months. Please read the full review.

I have always had a ‘torch’, as we called them in England, and when I was little I kept one in bed with me. Back in the 1950’s there was only a light switch by the door. Haven’t they come on since then. My husband has several different kinds of flashlights, which is what I now call them.

I wanted one that would be more than just a basic one. The BlueFire 1100 Lumen Tactical Waterproof Flashlight Cree XM-L2 LED 5 Modes Flashlight certainly is that. It can be used for camping cycling hiking hunting diving, and so much more.

When I received it I fell in love with the design. It states that it doesn’t come with batteries, and I went locally to buy either the 18650 or CR123A Batteries, but none of the stores carried them. I finally ordered them from Amazon, and now have a working flashlight. When ordering this product, it is best to order the batteries at the same time, that way they should be delivered on the same day.

The flashlight is really sturdy, love the design, and also the color gray. I had to get my husband to open the bottom part, to put the batteries in, as it wouldn’t budge for me. It takes 2 batteries. Once they were in, I pressed the green button and the brightest light came on, I then gave it a light press, and it went to medium, the next press is low beam. The following one is a strobe light, and the final one is an S.O.S. one. Another hard press, and it goes off.

As yet I haven’t tried it under water. I will do this on my next visit to the beach, which will be late June. I am also looking forward to using it when I am out at night. The perfect way to hold it, it like the police, and military, shoulder height with your thumb on the green button.

This new flashlight is so superior to any I have seen or used before, and it will be kept my side of the bed. No way is my husband getting his hands on it.

I received this item for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.

Update: September 14th, 2016.  I thought the batteries had died.  Got rechargeable ones, and a charger.  Didn’t work, so tried another set of rechargeable batteries I had got, and nothing.  I think it is now the flashlight.

I need to contact BlueFire, and find out what kind of warranty they have.

November 20th.  They never got back to me, and I haven’t been able to get any help with the flashlight.  Either it is faulty, or the bulb has already gone.  I have since read on Amazon that no one is getting any support.  Therefore I would not recommend this flashlight.

Feel really sexy in my new Relleciga Push-up Bikini

Please read all of my review, because I have selected ‘Fit As expected’. This is because I am aware that they run on the small size. I read some of the reviews on Amazon, and although I only weigh 107 lbs., and am a 34C, I opted for large. In American sizing I would be a small, or even extra small. Therefore I suggest you order 2 sizes larger than you really are.

When my Relleciga 1/2 Cup Bandeau with Mild Push-Up Molded Foam Padding Bikini Set arrived, I looked at it, and thought it was totally me. I put it up against my body, and figured that the sizing was right, but just to make sure I put it on. As you can see from the photograph, it fits perfectly. The workmanship is really good, and it feels so soft to the skin. The beads on the neck strap, and on the sides of the bikini bottom, give it an extra special touch.

I have only tried it in the house so far, but am going for a long weekend at the beach, on Saturday. This is when I know people will go crazy about it, and want to know where I got it from. I may be 68, but feel a teenager again, wearing it.

Update December 3rd, 2016.  I have been wearing this bikini each time I come to the beach, and it fits perfectly.  I wash it in a laundry bag, on delicate, and dry it the same way, and it has kept it’s shape perfectly.

I just went back on my Amazon account, to add a link to this older review, and unfortunately it only goes back 6 months.  I did a search for it, and this exact model didn’t come up.

I received this item for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.


A beauty treatment than can be used 2 or 3 times a week

The Kinga Nano Ionic Facial Steamer is simple to use. It comes with a User Guide, which is easy to read, with plenty of diagrams. You just follow the directions, making sure that you do not use tap water, and also place it on a flat surface, away from sinks/basins.  I prefer to use it in my bedroom, rather than a bathroom.

It streams within 30 seconds, give a constant mist, and lasts around ten minutes. You can feel it in the pores of your face, and it also opens up sinuses.  I do use a cleanser every day, but like to really do a deep clean with this product often.

The Facial Steamer replaces mud packs, and exfoliates your skin too.  All you have to do is use your toner, and moisturizer afterwards.

If you don’t have a humidifier, then you can use the Kinga for this.  However, it only does a temporary job, as my humidifiers work for several hours.

I received this product for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.

This is one of my original posts, and it doesn’t have any love, so hoping to promote it.