Stains that won’t budge, then you better get the This Cleans Everything Bundle

Wow. That is the only word I can think of, after using the This Cleans Everything Amazing multi-purpose ,natural clay cleaner eco-friendly. First off I love that I don’t have to wear gloves using it. Secondly I don’t have to have the extractor fan going, because of the flumes.

My bathroom is spotless, as it was the second one in this condo. My husband has the en-suite one, that was used by an elderly lady. It was then empty for a couple of years. We moved in earlier this year, and I have tried every rust remover product, mold, mildew, lime remover that I could buy. Nothing worked.

So I have been in my husband’s bathroom, and opened the jar. Took out the sponge that came with it. Used warm water on the sponge, and then rubbed the product with it. I then applied it to the rust area, around the disabled bar, and also to areas that he had stained with hair color. I then rinsed it several times. I waited awhile, and then did both areas a second time. As you can see from the photos, a huge improvement. I am thinking in another couple of days it will be completely gone. The bathroom has a citrus smell to it, which is great to walk into.

I can see that this will be my only cleaner in the future, and I must have at least twenty different ones in my laundry room, that will get disposed of.

It comes with a streak free cloth, which is chemical free. I used it on the mirror in my husband’s bathroom, and you probably can’t see in the photos, but there were spots, and marks all over it. I wet the cloth, and wiped the mirror, and once it dried they were all gone. The mirror looks really good.

This product is more expensive than ones you buy at the supermarket, but just think, you only need one product, and it cleans so easy that it is time saving, as well as getting everywhere much cleaner. In the end you will use less product, so it will work out very economical.

I received this item at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.

Update January 4th 2017.

I still have a little of my tub left, but am pleased to say I have a second one.  Therefore I reckon that one will last approximately 9 months for me.  My streak free cloth was a dirty color, but clean, and still worked.  It is a quick clean for any area, and not just mirrors, and windows.  I am keeping the new one for my kitchen area, and the older one for the bathrooms.

If you haven’t bought it yet, you don’t know what you are missing.  My house always smells of citrus, my hands are soft, and the house is clean.


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