Mirity Women’s Racerback Sports Bra – High Impact Workout Gym Bra keeps my boobs in place.

With the type of workout I do, I need a bra that is going to hold me in, give me support, and be comfortable.  Also it can’t flatten my boobs too much.  I still want to look girlie, even at 68.

I got the Mirity Racerback High Impact Workout Bra in black, and in the small size.  When I opened it up, the label says S/M, but I can assure you it is a small.  As you can see in the photos it fits me, and I am a 34B.

The bra goes over the head, and pulls down.  The straps are slightly wider than a regular bra, which makes for comfort.  I love that the back is really narrow, so you don’t see it under a racerback top.  It has a nice stretchy band, that doesn’t cut into you.  It has thin foam pads to protect you, and give a little more shape.                        They are removable if you want to take them out20160831_182812.

This bra fits me perfectly, and it’s doesn’t move regardless of me kick boxing, or lifting weights.  It doesn’t feel hot, and I don’t seem to sweat around it, which are both an added plus for me.

I received this item  for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.



How cute is the XIAOMOGU Deluxe Novelty Halloween Costume Party Latex Cat Animal Head Mask

I am a huge cat fan, whether it be a house cat, lion, tiger, or Florida panther.  So when I had a chance to get the XIAOMOGU Deluxe Novelty Halloween Costume Party Latex Cat Animal Head Mask, I wanted it.

It came in plastic, where the air had been sucked out, and once the edge of the plastic was cut, here was this gorgeous cat face mask.

It has a smiley face, with imitation fur on the ears, bright blue eyes, a cute pink nose, and whiskers.

I had no problem putting it on, but then couldn’t walk with it.  The reason being that the eye holes didn’t match up for me.  I had to turn it slightly, and look out of only one of them.  It does have tiny holes in it’s nostrils, for air.

I walked out to my husband, lifting the front.  When I pulled it back down, he loved it, like do. I  We have decided to make the eye holes bigger, otherwise it can only be used when you are sitting down.

It is extremely well made from natural latex, environmental and non-toxic,20160831_170115 no pungent chemical smell, which allows you to wear it for longer periods of time.

I received this item at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.


Yoga Pants for Women Tall Running Compression Leggings Workout Tights with Pocket by Welcos

Nowadays I tend to live in leggings, even though I live in Florida.  Firstly because I go to the gym almost every day.  Secondly they are so comfortable, and lastly it’s too hot outside, so I am always in air conditioning, and need to cover up.

The Welcos yoga pants, can be worn for walking, jogging, running, Zumba, boxing, great for kick boxing, and lifting weights.  They are nice and thick, so when bending over, or kicking they stay in place.  They are high waisted, nice and long in the legs, so don’t give me any problems at all. A couple of pairs I have come down at the waist, when working out, and so I keep them for home.

These have a good sized concealed pocket to put a key, and credit card in.  It is right at the front, which I like.

They are 88% nylon + 12% spandex, so they do have a good stretch.  However, they are tight being compression leggings.  I really don’t sweat that much in them, which means that the moisture wicking fabric works.

I am wearing a small, which is size 4 – 6.  I tend to wear a 2 -4 so just be careful when ordering.  Allow one size bigger than you normally wear.

I am wearing them right now, while typing this review, and they are so comfortable, that it doesn’t feel like I am wearing any20160830_221630.

I received this product for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.


Firhealth Non Contact Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer for Baby, Adult and Elderly is so easy to use.

I have 2 of the old fashioned thermometers,  that you place under the tongue, and wait until it beeps.  It then gives you the temperature in Fahrenheit.

I now feel as if I have advanced several decades, when using the Firhealth Non Contact Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer.  It is suitable for any age, including babies.

So I read the instructions that came with it, and then went over to hubby, and pointed it close to his forehead.  It registered 37.6 Celsius.  That meant nothing to me, so I looked at the booklet, and it should be between 34.9 and 37.8.  When we did mine it came up 34.4, so looks as if mine runs a tiny bit low, but his is fine.

I checked them out and hubbies was 99.68, and mine 93.92.  So one of us runs hot, and the other cold. Just joking.

It gives you all the details to check the memory etc.20160830_175323, that keeps 20 readings in it.  It comes with 2 AAA batteries, which are already in it.  You just have to pull the piece of plastic, to start them working.

I love that this is far more hygienic than the previous type of thermometer.  It comes in the box, with it’s own velvet carry case, with a drawstring.

I received this item for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.



The Ideashop Big Case Multi-Eyed Hypoallergenic Wood Watch Black and Red Wood is so unique

Len usually spends a lot of money on his jewelry, and a few years back bought a more expensive watch that just didn’t last.  So since then he buys cheap ones, and throws them away, and gets another one.

Therefore when I received the Ideashop Big Case Hypoallergenic Wood Watch, I figured that this one should last a very long time.  First off, when he tried it on, the band was too big.  It does state that it is big, so it will fit anyone, and you can take out links.  As our friend is a jeweler, we took it to him, and he took one out,20160830_170344 from each side.  It fits perfectly now.

The red wood, is a reddish/brown, and goes well with the black.  The face is really beautiful, as well as the regular clock, it has 3 circles on the face that are for the day of the week, date and 24 hour display.

My husband has worn it since I received it, just over a week ago.  It keep perfect time, and everyone comments on it.  It is Non-toxic Hypo-allergenic, and is natural sandalwood.  A very nice gift for the man in your life.

Update:  It is now April, 2017, and the Ideashop  wood watch is looking as good as new.  It keeps perfect time, and people are still asking where we got it.

I received this item at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.



CookArt have produced a perfect pizza cutter and server.


I have thrown my old pizza cutter in the trash, as I probably got it in a Dollar Tree store, and it really didn’t work that well.  The reason why, is that I have the Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter and Server by CookArt – Strong Handle No Rust Non Stick Pizza Slicer.

As you can see in my photos, it is so much nicer, than the basic type.  It is quite a bit heavier, and that is due to it being both a cutter, and a server.  Also the blade is stainless steel, which will never rust.

It has an easy to grip handle with a guard, to prevent you from touching the sharp blade.  It doesn’t matter what thickness the pizza is, it will cut through it.

I like that it is dishwasher safe, as well as washing by hand.  Not sure that I would be happy having it in soapy suds.

It comes with a 1 year unconditional warranty.

I received this item for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.



Untangled clothes with the Durable Mesh Laundry Wash Bags

I have some mesh laundry bags, but not enough for all the delicate washing I have.  I was pleased to get the Durable Mesh Laundry Wash Bags with nylon zippers set.  There are 6 bags, 1 jumbo, 3 large, and 2 medium.

So on my last laundry day, I was able to put my panties in one bag, bras in another, 2 bikinis in a different one, and my yoga pants, in a fourth one.

It was great as the bras didn’t get unhooked and ruin my other clothes.  My yoga pants/leggings didn’t rough up, as they sometimes do.

I took the bags out of the washing machine, and put them straight into the dryer, on a low heat.  All my clothes came out really good.

The bags are well made, have safe, strong zippers, that fit under a loop, so that the ends are hidden.  I love that I have different 20160829_163102sizes now, and don’t have to squeeze a lot of items in a couple of bags.

Laundry day is so much easier for me, now that my items can be separated.

Update:  I have been using these bags for 10 months now, and they still look as good as new.  I have found so many delicate items to wash in the bags, that I have purchased another set.

I received this product at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.



Great clarity with the Zhicity In-ear Headphones with Microphone Wired Earbuds.

As I go to the gym most days, but if I miss a day I am walking, I need to have my phone on.  I can put it in my waist bag, and still pick up a call, with the Zhicity In-ear Headphones with Microphone Wired Earbuds Dynamic Crystal Clear Stereo Sound Best Running Earphones Tangle Free Black.

I also like to have Pandora on my phone, when I am gardening several times a week.

The Zhicity in-ear headphones, are wired, which is fine with me.  The tangle-free wires, haven’t tangled, when using them.  The clarity of my music is great.  If the phone rings, I just press one of the buttons, which hangs by my neck, and accept the call.  Afterwards I can disconnect on the same tiny panel.  My friends says that they can hear me, and it is as clear as a bell at my end20160829_13145620160829_131752.

This set comes with extra earbuds, a black carry case, and instructions. This works with my Samsung phone, and also my husband’s Zmax.

I received this product for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.



Great to have professional makeup brushes at an inexpensive price.

Recently I got to use the Vander 11 Pieces Professional Bamboo Handle, Premium Synthetic Kabuki, Foundation Blending Blush, Eye, Face, Brush Kit, with carry bag.

These are quite a bit different from others, as you can see in my photos.  You have the long brushes for the eye area, and lips.  The bamboo handles of these are very slim.  Then you have the face makeup brushes, where some have long handles, and then the cute stubby ones.  The shorter ones are amazing, and so easy to handle.

The ‘Brushes are made of superior Fiber.  Made by hand with bamboo handles and the softest synthetic bristles’.  I can vouch for the softness.  They are like feathers going over the cheeks of my face.  The eye, and lip ones are still soft, but a little firmer.

They blend foundation really well20160829_12272120160829_123256.  I love that I can use a lipstick, with a brush, and not go over the edge, of my tiny lips.

For $8.99 and free shipping, I think that they are a bargain, on Amazon.

I received this product for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.



Ednae Honey and Almond Exfoliating Facial Mask gives your face some tender, loving care

I love the Ednae brand of creams.  Over the past year I have had a face moisturizer, and body butter from them.  Both products were excellent, and I love that they were made up of only ‘ best natural ingredients available . PARABEN FREE. Not tested on animals – Cruelty free, Anti Aging ingredients making the skin look and feel more youthful.’

The Honey and Almond Exfoliating Facial Mask, goes on easily.  It is slightly runny, and has the gritty feeling that all masks have.  You only use a tiny amount, so that small jar will probably last me 6 months, if I use it once a week.

The smell is of the almond, and it is very pleasant, when on your face.  The skin tightens a little, so you know that it is working.

It can be left on anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.  I left mine on the full time, and then rinsed it off with cool water. I dabbed my face dry with a towel.

My skin felt soft, and looked clean.  I haven’t noticed any difference to my appearance, but guess that would take several attempts.

I am happy with this product, and will continue20160828_18003020160828_171023 to use it.  I will update my blog if it makes me look ten years younger, over time.

I received this item for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.