I have my own floral art now, with the 4 panel Tulip Purple Flower by HLJ Arts

After getting the Marilyn Monroe set of 4 pictures from HLJ ART for my husband, which made him very happy, I wanted a set for myself. The Marilyn ones, are bright, and busy, but I wanted ones that were tasteful, if you get my meaning.

Tulip Purple Flower Canvas Print Wall Art Painting For Living Room Décor, reminded me of home. That’s England, and throughout the year I would have all kinds of flowers growing in the garden. In Florida, it is hard to grow flowers. I love tulips, and do miss having them. So these 4 canvases, with tulips in all different stages, will put a smile on my face. They are 12 x 12 inch ,and have wooded frames,

My husband’s prints are up, and in the square format, like the ones here. I am thinking of having mine across the wall, starting with them just opening, and finishing in full bloom.

These are so easy to put up, and only take a few minutes. I so look forward to having my husband put them on the wall for me tomorrow.

I received this product for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.




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