I have sunshine around my wrist with my new bracelet.

I don’t wear earrings, but do wear several chains around my neck.  I have a Zumba band on my right wrist, because I believe that Zumba is fun, tones my body, and relieves my stress.

On my left wrist I have a cuff bracelet that says, ‘The story of friendship is written on the pages of the heart.  I am a better Me because of You’.  I love these words and believe the ‘you’ is the one who created me, and also my husband.

When I was asked if I would like to test the, You Are My Sunshine Expandable Bangle Family Friend Cuff Bracelet, I was so excited. It states on the Amazon website that it is suitable for Valentine’s day, and as that is my birthday, I knew that I wanted to wear it.

The bracelet is a silver color, and is made of ‘Alloy ; Safety and non-toxic materials standard’.  It is lightweight, easy to open, and then close around my wrist.  The silver color has a beautiful shine to it.  The words are in black lettering, and really stand out.

I have worn this bracelet everyday, since I received it.  This bracelet is my sunshine, and makes me smile.  I am thinking of buying the ‘Have courage stay strong’ bracelet, because that is something I believe in too.

The bracelet came with it’s own carry bag.


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