The Ideashop Big Case Multi-Eyed Hypoallergenic Wood Watch Black and Red Wood is so unique

Len usually spends a lot of money on his jewelry, and a few years back bought a more expensive watch that just didn’t last.  So since then he buys cheap ones, and throws them away, and gets another one.

Therefore when I received the Ideashop Big Case Hypoallergenic Wood Watch, I figured that this one should last a very long time.  First off, when he tried it on, the band was too big.  It does state that it is big, so it will fit anyone, and you can take out links.  As our friend is a jeweler, we took it to him, and he took one out,20160830_170344 from each side.  It fits perfectly now.

The red wood, is a reddish/brown, and goes well with the black.  The face is really beautiful, as well as the regular clock, it has 3 circles on the face that are for the day of the week, date and 24 hour display.

My husband has worn it since I received it, just over a week ago.  It keep perfect time, and everyone comments on it.  It is Non-toxic Hypo-allergenic, and is natural sandalwood.  A very nice gift for the man in your life.

Update:  It is now April, 2017, and the Ideashop  wood watch is looking as good as new.  It keeps perfect time, and people are still asking where we got it.

I received this item at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.



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