Easy to use intimate massager.

Sometimes you just need a little extra in your life, and this is when the Rechargeable Powerful Dildo from Odeca comes into play.  It is made of body safe silicone, and a good quality vibrating massager.20160930_144355

When it arrives it is extremely discreet, in a black box with the name on it. It comes with a USB charger, which is better for me than batteries.  I can charge it up in one of my charging units that has several USB slots.

It has 7 different modes, from the low speed to higher, and then different patterns.  Once charged it should work for 150 minutes, but stupid me didn’t read the instructions properly, and it wasn’t switched off.  So when I wanted to try it for the second time, there was no charge. Now I hold the power button for the 2 seconds to ensure it is off.

I am still getting used to it, and found that it needs more lubricant than some of the other ones.  I have been aroused, and with more use, am sure that I will get what I need out of it.

I received this item for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.



Sometimes my faith is put to the test

My husband should have died 22 years ago when he had 2 massive heart attacks and quintuple bypass surgery.  He then went onto insulin, as he has been diabetic 42 years.  He has had 5 stents, now has a pacemaker/defibrillator, tacky-brady, atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, high cholesterol, stage 5 kidney failure, and neuropathy of the feet.  I am sure I have forgotten some of them.

God puts me to the test all the time, but my faith gets me through.  Put your trust in the Lord, and he will come through for you too.


HOLDPEAK 981C Non-contact Digital Laser IR Infrared Thermometer

We all have regular thermometers to take our temperature, and I also have a non contact one as well, but thought it would be neat to have the HOLDPEAK 981C Non-contact Digital Laser IR Infrared Thermometer With Data Hold & Emissivity Adjustable – Temperature Gun For Both Indoors And Outdoors Use , -58 ~ +1022 F

First off you need to put the battery in, that comes with it.  You will find it in the battery compartment.  It has to be unwrapped, and then you have to connect it to the contacts.

That’s it.  You then can have fun checking out temperatures.  The condo come up at 78.4 F.  You can also have Celsius as well.  I put the thermometer towards the fan, and it dropped a couple of degrees.

I then went out into our garage and checked the temperature.  I boiled water, tried it in the fridge, and then the freezer.  This is certainly a handy item to have.  It will be great for cooking, as right now I have to poke the food with the thermometer to get a reading.

My husband is already thinking of putting it with his tools, but he can only borrow it, and it goes in my kitchen.

I received this item for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.


Fashion Gems Reuseable Thin Silicone Nipple Cover Pasties ADHESIVE – LIGHT

Ladies, do you have a backless dress, or one that has such a deep cleavage that you can’t wear a bra.  Well I do, and haven’t worn those dresses in a long time.  That is why I went for the Fashion Gems Reuseable Thin Silicone Nipple Cover Pasties ADHESIVE – LIGHT .

The reason I got them is stated on the Amazon website: ‘Fashion Gems are medical grade silicone nipple covers engineered to cover the nipple and adhere to the contour of the breast’.  They are about 2 inches across, and are circular.  They are easy to put on.  Being adhesive, you just press them on, and they stick.

It says that you can wear them for up to 12 hours, but the maximum I need them for is around 4.  They do make my small boobs feel slightly heavy.  At 68 I am not perky, so whereas a bra lifts, and points for you, these do show a sag, if20160929_131036 you have one.

I think that they are a good addition for a ladies underwear garments, but would only use them when I have to.  Being reusable, you should be able to wear them up to 30 times.

I received this item for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.


What am I thinking?

Unless you are a very good friend of mine, and I limit them, than you probably have no idea of what is going on in my head.  Yes, I am one of those that puts on a façade.

It’s strange because I am the complete opposite, when my fingers hit the keyboard.  I pour out my heart, and almost have writing diarrhea, rather that the verbal kind.  I can be in the house with my husband, and we go hours without even talking to one another.

Does the fire in your belly, and the thoughts in your head, come alive when you hit the keyboard.  I know mine do.


My Perfect Nights Premium Microfiber FITTED Bed Sheet Ultra Soft Luxury 15″ DEEP POCKETS

We have an adjustable bed, and often fitted bottom sheets just doesn’t work with it.  If they don’t have a deep pocket, then they lift up, when we put the bed into the Zero Gravity position to sleep.

Seeing that the My Perfect Nights fitted sheet had the deeper pockets, I thought it would work, and as you can see in my photo it sure did.

This one is for a Queen size bed, and I love that it is microfiber, which makes it even softer than my other sheets.  It is ‘Hypoallergenic and resistant to Dust Mites. Wrinkle Resistant, Stain Resistant, and Pilling Resistant‘.

You launder it the same as any other sheets, and when it goes back on the bed, it looks like new again.

The sheet is really comfortable to sleep on.  Instead of feeling crisp, it feels soft, and smooth.  Looking closely it has a white pattern, so I am thinking about buying a top sheet to match it.  Also as it has a ten year warranty, why wouldn’t I.  I did have a set with an 8 year warranty, but rarely see the 10 years.

I plan on having this as my winter sheet, as living in Florida, being cozy happens January through March.

I received this product at a discounted price for an honest, and unbiased review.


First Botany Vitamin C Serum and L-Ascorbic acid

At my age I certainly need help in keeping my wrinkles at bay.  Well, that will never happen, but I am happy enough with them not getting any worse.  That is why I tried the First Botany Vitamin C Serum with L Ascorbic Acid.

Vitamin C is for helping to slow down the aging of the skin.  Whereas the Ascorbic Acid fights the wrinkles, smoothes the skin texture, and assists in brightening the skin.

I always use a serum in the morning, and at night.  This one comes in a brown bottle, to protect the contents.  It has a dropper, so it makes for no spillage.  When I used it, a single drop came out, at a time.  It is thick, and rubs in really well.  I should say when you dab it in, as rubbing can stretch the skin.  It starts off with a pleasant smell, and after about 15 minutes you can barely smell it.

I then apply an anti-aging moisturizer.  I have no idea why, as I have so many wrinkles already.  I suppose I feel better, knowing I am trying.

I haven’t had any reaction to this serum, so will continue to use it.  I like it, and will update if a miracle happens.

I received this product at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.


I prefer to call them disagreements rather than arguments.

I think in every relationship there are bumpy times, when you both has opposite opinions on a subject.  Minor ones, I can let go over my head, but when it comes down to something important to do with my husband’s health, then I will not let them go.

One of those was earlier this year, when my husband’s sugar was so low I couldn’t get a reading.  I used a hypoglycemic emergency kit to get it up to 29, and got him to the hospital, where they couldn’t get a reading.  They hooked him up to an I.V. and got it up to 200.  Job done.

Then they did tests to make the hospital money, and wouldn’t let him eat, even though he was hungry.  They never came back and checked the I.V. or did another reading on him.  2 and a half hours later he was told that he could go home, if his sugar was good.

They couldn’t find the meter to check it.  It had dropped to 40.  They said that he had to stay in.  This is when I disagreed with them.  I told them if they had checked his sugar on a regular basis, or allowed him food, he would be going home.

They kept him in hospital 3 days, even though we didn’t agree.  He was given an I.V. and full meals, so his sugar went sky high.  I demanded to see the hospital doctor, and informed her that he was coming off the I.V.  She didn’t want to do it, but when I showed her his perfect readings, when I take care of him, she agreed.

Months of recorded statements from me, and I won my class, and he got refunded the co-pays for the hospital stay.  I was happy to pay the E.R. one, because that was needed, but when I disagree, and know I am right, I will never give up.


Elite Tactical Pro 200 Series Tactical Flashlight


In May I was really happy to get a similar type of flashlight, and was very happy with it. Then a couple of weeks ago it stopped working. I initially had to buy the batteries for it, and didn’t buy rechargeable, so when it stopped I figured it needed new batteries. I then bought the lithium rechargeable batteries, and the charger. It wouldn’t work. As I haven’t heard back from that company, it was time to buy a new one.

That’s why I have the Elite Tactical Pro 200 Series Tactical Flashlight – Best, Brightest & Most Powerful 1000 Lumen Military Grade Rechargeable LED CREE Searchlight w/ Zoom For Self & Home Defense – Waterproof Torch.

As you can see from the photo, everything you could ever need came in the sturdy box. From the case, to the flashlight, car charger, AAA battery adapter, USB charger, wall charger, 18650 battery, charger, and adapter.

The light is so bright, that when it is switched on in a room, it lights it up brighter than a regular bulb. All I can say is ‘Wow’.

It is waterproof, shockproof, and they even ran a plane over it. It is perfect to have when walking at dawn, or dusk, and is also strong enough to be used as a defense weapon. It has a strobe light, which again would help if someone came in front of you. You have to turn your head away from it, and that would give you time, to get away.

I am so happy with this flashlight that has everything included, which not only is a great thing, but saves so much money. With my other brand one, I ended up spending another $20 on rechargeable batteries, and a charger, to find it still didn’t work.

The Elite Tactical Flashlight is a must at only $13.99, with Amazon Prime. Definitely a 5 star product.

I received this product at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.


Is there anything in this house that is finished.

I moved us from a townhouse to a condo earlier this year.  This was because of my husband’s health issues.  I gave most of my stuff to friends, and charities, and ended up with about 10%.  On the other hand my husband didn’t want to part with hardly anything.

I had planned to have everything done, and the condo looking spick and span in 6 months.  The new windows, and patio doors are in, the inside is painted, new higher toilet for my husband, and extra insulation in the loft.

There are still boxes in the second bedroom, and stuff around the house.  My decision was to be there 24/7 for my husband, and leave the other stuff unfinished.  He doesn’t worry about it, and now I am starting to feel the same way.

Life is more important that sorting out things.