Menton Ezil Mens Aviator Lightweight Polarized Lens Metal Frame UV400 Shades Sunglasses

I loved receiving the Menton Ezil20160907_135923 Aviator Sunglasses.  These were a gift for my husband, who has to take care of his eyes.

Being Aviator they cover his eyes, to give him great protection from the sunrays.  They have ‘Polarozed Lens – 100% UV400 protection coating, blocks 100% harmful UVA & UVB Rays. Restore true color as well’.

They are really lightweight, including the thin frames.  Whereas my glasses, that I wear all the time, tuck above, and behind my ears, these ones have a straight end, so there is no pressure behind, or on the ear.

The color is beautiful, and my husband will be switching back and forth from the black ones, to these orange ones.  He really likes them too.

We both have the start of cataracts, so any added protection for his eyes, is so important.

They came in a lovely box, with a carry case, and a lens cleaning cloth.

I received this product for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.



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