I can have a disco in the house, with the TIRIN 2 reels of RGB LED Strip Lighting.

I couldn’t wait to open up the TIRIN 2 Reels 12V 32.8 ft. Waterproof Flexible RGB LED Strip Light Kit.  There were the 2 reels of lights, remote controller, power adaptor and connectors. It is so simple to put together.  The pins go into the lights, and the other end goes into the power adaptor.

That is how easy it is put together.  There is a remote controller that has numerous settings.  Well 44 keys in all.  The lights have an adhesive backing.

I plugged them in, and then pointed the remote at the white controller.  The colored buttons change the lights to that color, then there are up, down, quick, slow, auto, flashing, fade, jump, and 6 DIY buttons.  I had fun pushing the different buttons, and seeing the lighting jumping along, fading out, etc.

You can set up both reels, with the one remote.  You can also cut them up into sections, if you wish.  They are waterproof, bu20160909_13541520160909_135209t only the lights.  You would need to plug them into somewhere dry.

I can’t wait to do my holiday decorating with these fun filled lights.

I received this product at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.



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