Loving my jump rope

If you have been following my blog you will know that I am a fitness fanatic.  I go to the gym every day, and twice a week, I do boxing.

My routine consists of boxing, kick boxing, and using the skipping rope.  Well that was what it was called, when I was a child in England.

I usually do three sets of this combination that takes about 10 minutes, each set. So when I first used the jump rope, I was struggling to do 30 jumps, before it caught my feet.  Then it continued up, and over 100.  Now I don’t even count.  I just continue until I am out of breath, or it jams up.

I love that this is part of my cardio.  You are NEVER too old to start.  I am 68, and in my prime.




  1. Jump rope is a great cardiovascular workout that strengthens the legs and arms. I used to jump rope vigorously for 30 minutes or more on the days I didn’t run. Unfortunately shin splits ended both those activities. Even so, our ceilings are too low to permit it now. Have fun and don’t forget to do shin splint preventive stretching.

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  2. Oh my! You can do that at 68? Marvelous. My kids used to skip when they were in primary school. They were even champions for the jump rope competition in school and my daughter won a consolation prize in the national competition. Regrettably, my son doesn’t do it anymore now and my daughter does it infrequently. But my husband still does. I don’t, although I wish I could. I’m never into vigorous exercises although I enjoy looking at my family indulging in one. Nowadays my son goes to the gym twice a week. I still prefer him to jump rope because like mentioned, it’s a good cardio exercise. For me, I prefer light jogging or brisk walking.

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