We have been too generous over our lives.

My husband and I were born in England, before, and after the war.  This meant that we had very little.  This made us very frugal over the years.  After coming to America, we had friends, and family had needed help.  We were generous, and ended up with $50,00 in loans.

We had one pay us back in full, and 3 that partly paid us.  2 went bankrupt on us, and we couldn’t do anything about it, and another was a family member, that doesn’t mention it.

This is the time in our lives that we could use the money, as I have a granddaughter at Oxford University, and my husband’s health costs keep increasing all the time.

Being generous is often a good thing, but remember that as you get older, those people who you helped out won’t be there for you.  As they couldn’t pay, they stopped being your friends.  Not your choice, but theirs.



  1. When “being generous”, always consider that you are “giving away” your time, your money, your resources – what ever it is that you are doing to ‘help’ someone out is a ‘gift’. This way, when they do not pay you back or in some way return the favor, you are not disappointed. I’ve also learned the hard way. I have no idea where the adage “you get what you give” or “what goes around, comes around”. It’s never worked that way for me.
    Take care of each other. You are lucky to have another person in your life.

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  2. You did the right thing, I think, being generous when others needed it. Because that is real generosity. Sometimes we get paid back and sometimes we do not. But the good deed you did lasts forever. I hope that someone, somehow. will do for you what you did for them. I truly hope your husband’s health stabilizes and that you have many happy days together.

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