How often do you pretend?

When you have been married to the same guy for 36 years, and taken care of him for 38, do you always tell him the truth?

My answer is “No”.

In December he was in so much pain, so we went to the doctor’s office several times, and he had tests.  He was on pain killers, and muscle relaxers, that made him hallucinate.  He wasn’t able to do his own sugar readings, or give himself insulin, so I took care of that, as well as everything else.

With the pain, and the drugs, he wouldn’t let me help him, and pushed me out of his bathroom around midnight.  A little later I heard a crash, and he was on the floor, blood everywhere.  I called 911, although he asked me to pick him up again.

The paramedics came, got him up, and he said he was fine.  I told them how he had been for days.  They said that they couldn’t kidnap him if he continued to refuse to go.

This is what I said.  “When the paramedic leave, I will be following them in my car, and you can take care of yourself”.  He finally agreed.

He had a gangrene gallbladder, and 4 broken ribs.  In the month after that he was in hospital, ICU, and rehab.  If he hadn’t have had the surgery, he would have died.  He almost died twice, in ICU.

So I had to pretend to leave him, to get him the treatment he needed.



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