GOBUNNY Little Shy Fox With Cute Genuine Fur Ball Tail Novelty Key Chain for Car Key Ring Bag Purse Charm

I wanted the GOBUNNY Little Shy Fox With Cute Genuine Fur Ball Tail Novelty Key Chain for Car Key Ring Bag Purse Charm, as I figured my granddaughter in England would love it.  Most years I send a box of gifts over to England for my grandchildren.

The Little Shy Fox has a story, which is really cute, and you can read it on the Amazon webpage for the product.  ‘She wants to accompany and protect her friends’.

The fox is made of high quality Rex rabbit fur, which is unbelievably soft.  Probably the softest fur I have felt.  The face is a gold colored metal, and covered in pearls, and pink gems.  If you pull down the fur you can see the eyelashes, nose, and cheeks.

It is handmade, and is really well made.  It comes in 4 colors, black, white, pink and rose.  As you can see in the photos, I have the pink, which is so pretty.  I also like the white too.  The size I have is 3.5 inches.

It came in a plastic see through jar, with a screw top.  It has shredded paper in the bottom, and top, to keep it well packaged.

I feel that this is too big for a key ring, but perfect to attach to the handle of a bag, or large purse.  The Little Shy Fox is adorable, and I am reluctant to part with her.

I received this item at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.


Daily Prompt: Giant had me thinking today.

I had lots of thoughts going through my head, as to what I was going to write, when my page, and the lettering zoomed up.  I had giant letters.

I am computer illiterate, and if my fingers go on a different key, I get small, or large letters.  I, of course found out to use the CTRL and – to make them smaller again.  I know for a fact that I didn’t touch both the CTRL and + keys together, so there must be another way of doing it.  I would be so interested if someone could tell me why, and how it happens.

Does your computer do strange things when you are typing?  I was a shorthand typist/secretary for many years, so learned the home keys on a typewriter.  Boy that was 50+ years ago.


Uptown Cosmeceuticals Eyelash Growth Serum for longer, thicker lashes.

I am someone who tries lots of facial, and eye treatment products.  I have lost weight, and it has gone from my face, as well as the rest of me.  Therefore I use serums, moisturizers, and any other products that I hope will help.

It is ‘a cutting edge eyelash growth serum based on Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 (10%), Swiss Apple Stem Cell Culture Extract and Botanical Complex Tricholastyl(BASF); also effective as an eyebrow enhancer.’

I have been using the Uptown Cosmeceuticals this week.  It is simple to use.  You take the brush, and stroke it across the eyelid, as close to the lashes as possible, without it going in your eye.  It is not to be used for the lower lashes.

It states that a 25% improvement in growth, and thickness is possible in 2 week, and up to 75% over a 6 week period.  I have been using a eyelash growth serum for over a year now, and haven’t seen a 75% improvement.

It is still too early to say how it is working, but if it is better than my last eyelash serum, then I will certainly come back, and update it.

I never use the serum on my eyebrows, as they are thick.  However,


it is a product for lashes, and brows.

I received this product at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.


Vansky Bias Lighting for HDTV USB LED Strip RGB LED Neon Accent Lighting Kit for Flat Screen TV LCD with Remote Control

I have never seen a product like this before.  Yes, I have similar lights that go around the house, or outside, but not for your television.

I decided to try  on the   Vansky Bias Lighting for HDTV UDB LED Strip RGB LED Neon Accent Lighting Kit for Flat Screen TV LCD with Remote Control, and 2 RGB LED Strips on the television in the office/bedroom.  Our other televisions are high up on the walls, and are 46 inch.

I didn’t cut the lights, because you can, but started them at the bottom of the television, removed the backing, and stuck them on.  They overlapped the top but that is fine.  I plugged in the USB, in the back of the television, and then connected the pins.  That was straight forward, as there is only one way, to do it.

I then switched on the television.  The lights came on.  I then got the remote, that comes with it, and was able to change the colors, have them flash, strobe, fade, and smooth.

You can change the brightness, and speed with the top buttons, go to static color, and there are plenty to choose from.  In actual fact 16, as I just checked on the leaflet that comes with it.

It comes with a 1 year warranty from the purchase date.

To begin with I thought that it might distract me from watching, but after a time, you really don’t even notice that it is there.  It is to ‘Reduce eye fatigue and increase image clarity’.  I do notice that the picture is crystal clear, and this little television isn’t set up to an H.D. box.  The colors really do look more vivid to me.

I can see that I will be spending more time in the office, now that I have a television that looks as good, as if not better that the ones that are linked to the box.

I received this product for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.




I need to rearrange my Amazon products that are sitting in my second bedroom.

As previously mentioned, I have been freelance writing for almost 25 years.  Many paid jobs, but now just do reviews from sellers that provide me with discounted, or free products.

My friends are so happy when they get a $1 product as a gift from me, that would normally cost $15.

My main reason for doing this is to provide as many angels on the Christmas tree this year, with gifts.  I will also check out needy families, because I am sure that they can do with items that I have duplicates of.

November, my goal is to rearrange my other bedroom, so that I can have all the gifts ready for Christmas.  So looking forward to all the giving I can do this holiday season.


Big Bear Outdoors Hiking Poles – Best Hiking Stick Set – Pair of Expandable, Collapsible Walking Sticks for Hiking

My husband has a cane/walking stick, and uses it after a hospital stay, or rehab.  I worry when he gets unstable, so figured that these Hiking Poles – Best Hiking Stick Set – Pair of Expandable, Collapsible Walking Sticks for Hiking by Big Bear Outdoors, would be a great back up.  I know that there will be a time when they are needed.

They come in 4 pieces, and the only instructions you get with it is ‘Each stick will have a small sticker with a number.  Please take care to insert the pieces in the following order, 1, 2, 3, and 4.  There is an email address if there is a problem doing this.

The handle part is assembled, and is different to the Amazon picture.  Then there are 3 other lengths, that you can see where they fit just by looking at them.  Once fitted, you have to turn them to hold them in place.

Once you have done the first one stick, the second one is easy to complete.  They are really strong, and sturdy.  I believe I paid twice as much for the walking stick that we have, and we

have two of these, which to me is much better than using a walker/frame.

The price on Amazon has been reduced from $40 to $9.99, and if you have Prime it’s free shipping too.  If you have someone that does hiking, or is elderly, then this might be a good time to buy a set.

I received this product at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.


E-PRANCE Grill Cooking Gloves, Heat Resistant Oven Mitts for Grilling, BBQ, Kitchen, 1 Pair, 14″ Long for Extra Forearm Protection

Every pair of kitchen/cooking/grilling gloves I get seem to be better than the previous ones.  The E-PRANCE Grill Cooking Gloves, Heat Resistant Oven Mitts for Grilling, BBQ, Kitchen, 1 Pair, 14″ Long for Extra Forearm Protection, certainly have the Wow factor.

They are certainly big, as you can see in the photo of my hand resting on one of them.

The gloves insulates against searing temperatures of ovens, smokers and grills up to 932 degrees F.  You can actually use them to pick food up off the grill.  They are also great for pulling the shelf out of a toaster oven.  I was always touching the top with my knuckles, before heat resistant gloves were invented.

It states on Amazon that ‘The Pit Mitt is reversible for left or right hand and has a silicone textured surface for superior grip.’  This means that regardless of being right or left handed, you won’t have more wear on one, than the other.

They are also good if you are cleaning out your freezer.  It says not to get them too wet, but I find that it helps me to do the job in half the time.  If they get wet let them dry out.  They are hand washable.

I am not letting my friend see these, unless she buys them for her husband.  She has talked me into giving her products that I really want for myself.  Once you have these the other gloves look real tame.

The inside of the glove is a soft fabric, so they are comfortable to wear.  They come up to within 3 inches of my elbow, for great protection.

These aren’t just for the men in the family.  Us ladies also need them for cooking.  I won’t get steam on my arms when I am draining spaghetti.

They are a 5 star product.

I received this item for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.


When my husband was in his 70’s he got banned from a food court.

We were in a timeshare in Kissimmee, and used to like to go to the Mercado, on International Drive.  The food court had lots of different food, and a British one opened up.

First off we should have realized that the cook wasn’t British.  Len asked for the full breakfast.  Bangers, bacon, beans, tomatoes, eggs, and fried bread.

When he went up to collect the food.  The sausages had been cut in half lengthwise, and were dried out, the tomatoes were canned, and not sliced in half, and grilled.  It was a total mess.  So he refused to accept it, or pay for it.

The guy got security, and Len got banned from the food court, and escorted out by a security guard.  It was a shame, because they had live music, and when we stayed over in the Orlando area, it was something we enjoyed.

So it doesn’t matter how old you are, or whether you are in the right, you could still get banned.


Vibrating Rabbit Massager – Dual Motors Stimulation Vibrator – Quiet yet Powerful

There are certain times in your life that you need an adult toy.  This being said, the Vibrating G-spot Rabbit Massager – Dual Motors Stimulation Vibrator – Quiet yet Powerful – Rechargeable -Waterproof is for women, and couples.  It is a bright purple color.

It is made of soft body silicone, and is shaped for a dual purpose.  It needs to be charged with the USB charger that is comes with.  It takes a couple of hours to charge up.  When it is charging the light goes on, and off.

The bottom areas are color coded, so that you can decide that pleasure you reguire.  There are seven different colors.  A leaflet comes with it, to explain how they work.

You should e

nsure that the product is clean before using, and afterwards.

Upon checking it out, it is extremely quiet, which is a good thing, if there are other people in your household.

If you want to spice up a relationship, or need a little pleasure in your life, then this could work for you.

I received this item for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.


Face Paint Stencils (100 Pieces) Thick, Soft, Pliable And Easy To Stick Down And Reuse

Awhile ago I received a box of face paints, with brushes, and sponges.  I tried doing freestyle, but that wasn’t very successful.  So when I had the chance to get a ‘Create A Face 100-piece Stencils Set, I figured that would solve my problem.

It’s impossible to go through the hundred different designs in detail

, so I have taken photos of them.  They are small enough to go on any age child, and can be reused three or four times.

It states on the Amazon page that they ‘STICK GENTLY: Our stencils’ “stick-ability” give you a clean edge and stable positioning so face paint would never seep under the stencil and you’d never wind up with a smeared image on a child’s skin’.

Getting these just before Halloween is a bonus, but they can be used for parties, sleepovers, and also for fundraisers.

I love the cat one, and also the rose, but there are plenty to choose from for boys, and girls.  Even parents, and grandparents may want to try them too.

I received this item at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.