Daily Prompt: Value. What do your value?

I had a hundred posts in my mind for the word value.  Value, as in always checking shopping flyers, sales, and B.O.G.O.F. to get the best value for my dollar.

How much I value other peoples views, and advice.  So often seeing it from another ones prospective, helps with a situation.

I think the most important one is to value the person in your life, and their wishes.  My husband told me that he does not want to go on dialysis, when the time comes.  I value what he says, and will respect it.



  1. I don’t understand why your husband says he will not go for dialysis when required and you say you value what he says. (You seem to agree with him)

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  2. One doctor has been talking about it, and other says that his life will change so much. Right now I can take him to the beach for a week to get a break. He doesn’t want his life to change. Perhaps in a years time he might change his mind. He has been through so much in the past 42 years, health wise. Will be 83 in a weeks time, his heart is barely working, taking 8 shots of insulin a day. Sometimes his feet don’t want to work. Whatever, he feels comfortable, is fine by me. It’s in God’s hands.


  3. I completely understand where your husband is coming from when he says he would not want to go on dialysis. It would be such a huge change in his lifestyle, and he would feel like he’s depending on other people all the time. Best wishes to your husband.


  4. Decided I would pop over and take a look at your blog. Sorry to hear that your husbands kidneys are failing him. I have a close friend who someday will be faced with that same decision. I believe that our health should be our most valuable asset. Without it, so many things go wrong.

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