Keep plodding and hopefully the breakthrough comes

My husband went into hospital in December.

He had fallen, in so much pain, and refused any help.  He had a gangrene gallbladder, and four broken ribs, and told the paramedics that he was fine.  We all pleaded with him for 30 minutes to go.  He continued to refuse, and the guys told me that they would be kidnapping him, if he didn’t give his consent.

They were ready to leave, and I told him that when they went, I was following them in my car.  He looked at me strangely, because I am always there for him.  I told him, that I had been doing everything for him while he was ‘out of it’ for days, and so exhausted, that I had had enough. If he wouldn’t go, then I would.

The breakthrough finally came, when he realized I meant it.  He finally said that he needed to go to the hospital.  This is where he almost died on me a couple of times.  The next month was the I.C.U., regular room, and rehab.



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