When life gets tough, put your trust in the Lord

I don’t know how I would have managed with my husband’s health issues, over the last 22 years, without my faith in the Lord.  His daughter tells me all the time, that he would have died back in 1994, if I hadn’t taken care of him.

His diabetes, caused heart problems, and now it is only working at 10-15%.  His kidneys are failing, and he is taking 8 shots of insulin a day.  He hasn’t driven in 10 months.

I put my trust in the Lord, and he lifts me, and gives me the strength not just each day, but every hour, and minute that we have together.



  1. “Trust” that GOD’s plan is perfect. I pray you find peace in HIM, and that your faith will increase, knowing HE is in control and only wants what is best for us. Praying for you and your family 🙂

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  2. It is when we are weak, that He is strong.
    May your faith grow day by day as you lean on the Lord, and may you know his Spirit goes before you, follows you and is at your right and your left at all times. Saying a prayer for you and your husband. Bless you X

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