Sitting for hours in doctor’s waiting rooms

In the past year it would be impossible for me to count all the hours, that I have sat with my husband, in doctor’s waiting rooms.

Twice the E.R. was so quick.  He was straight in, within minutes. They just had be do the co-pay with me, as all his information was there, from the previous visit.

He has one of the best cardiologists, and we are happy when the wait in only an hour.  Most times it is at least two.  I now take a phone charger with me, as one time my phone almost ran out.

The same with the nephrologist, although his office now phones, and says to make it half an hour later.  There is still a long wait, but at least they are trying.

He has so many specialists, that I am thinking of writing a book, while waiting.  Has anyone written one, on what to do, while waiting for the doctor to get this finger out, and keep to time.



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