Some days I get up and feel ancient

Well maybe not ancient, but old. Ancient is Stonehenge, or any of the amazing castles, and cathedrals in the world.

Some mornings my body just doesn’t want to get up, but we have an adjustable bed, with a massager in it.  I put that on for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, and it really helps my body.  If we want to watch television, we can put the top of the bed up, into a partial sitting position.

After taking care of all the medical stuff, cereal, and decaffeinated coffee, it’s off to the gym.  After a great workout, I then feel like a teenager again.  In mind, and spirit but not always in body.  However, I can box/kick box, do Zumba, lift weights, circuit training, and hours of walking.  At 68 it’s nice to feel young again, and not ancient.



  1. Decoffeinated coffee? Will it taste like coffee? That also was given to you free of cost, for your endorsement? An enviable job indeed !

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  2. Thank you for the warning against coffee. I gave up coffee a few weeks ago for a different reason. I was toying with the idea of resuming it. Now, I’ll forget it.


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