Daily Prompt: Giant had me thinking today.

I had lots of thoughts going through my head, as to what I was going to write, when my page, and the lettering zoomed up.  I had giant letters.

I am computer illiterate, and if my fingers go on a different key, I get small, or large letters.  I, of course found out to use the CTRL and – to make them smaller again.  I know for a fact that I didn’t touch both the CTRL and + keys together, so there must be another way of doing it.  I would be so interested if someone could tell me why, and how it happens.

Does your computer do strange things when you are typing?  I was a shorthand typist/secretary for many years, so learned the home keys on a typewriter.  Boy that was 50+ years ago.



  1. I find different keyboards have different key positions, key height etc. If I go from one to another I make all kinds of weird errors. Mine goes from English to French almost daily. I don’t know what the shortcut commands are but I bet there is a list out in google land somewhere.

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  2. I’m a novice as far as computer is concerned. I too go astray and some one has to come to my rescue. Luckily, I have a software tech living opposite my door. Again, I have an Annual Maintenance Contract with a computer service company.

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  3. I’m a computer geek..been hooked since the early days back in 96. I have made numerous websites since then and spend way too much time on here..and my phone..all in the name of awareness and for a good cause. If I can ever be of help just let me know. 🙂

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  4. I really appreciate that. It’s my husband who is 83 that has so many problems with his Windows 8 laptop, and my old smartphone that he uses. I teach myself as much as I can, but still get stumped. I started my blog because Amazon wiped my Profile, after 11 years of writing reviews. They are now taking away all reviews that have discounted or free products. I went for the free website, so can’t put video in, but I am sure that I could make it more attractive, and add things to it. Just did the best I could.

    Thanks again. I will put your link into favorites.



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