Sweety Decor Nature Lake Scenery Modern Wall Decoration Beautiful Scenery Goose Picture Art Prints on Canvas for Home and Office

I have had a cat painting on my bedroom wall for 28 years, but not anymore.  I have taken it down, and it is in the box, that the Sweety Decor Nature Lake Scenery Modern Wall Decoration Beautiful Scenery Goose Picture Art Prints was in.

I have pale gray walls, and black furniture in the bedroom, and this picture has the perfect colors to compliment it.

If you look at the photos I have added to the post, you will see that the sun is going down, and the colors of it are between the gray, and white clouds.  The trees are dark, and then there is the wonderful reflection on the water.

This is behind the swan.  It may say goose in the title, but where I come from in England, it is an elegant swan.  We would see them all the time, and they are so beautiful.  Did you know that at Winston Churchill’s home, Chartwell,

there are a bevy of black swans.  Just love that historic house.

The picture is oblong, and the size is 60 x 45cm.  It has a wooden frame, and has 2 metal loops at the back where you can either put string through, or put it up on nails.  During the day, the light from the window shines on the picture, and it really sparkles.  Then at night, when the light is on, it still creates a really special effect.

I was going to put this picture in the hallway, but it tends to be darker there.  I am so pleased that I finally took down a painting that I enjoyed looking at, for one that will give me years of pleasure.

I received this product at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.


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