Has the word sincerity gone out of our lifestyle?

I can remember when I was a child, 60 years ago in England, that when you had friends and neighbors, how sincere they were.

Coming back to recent years, I have had friends, that I truly felt were there for me, only to find that they only wanted me for what they could get.  Often money, which was never paid back, and even turning their backs when I needed help, coping with my husband’s health issues.  ‘Yes, we will be there for you anytime’, and when I ready needed them, no help was given.

I have a few really true friends that I can depend on for anything, and they are worth their weight in gold.  I am so thankful for them.

I really hope that parents will start instilling things like sincerity into their children’s lives.  It doesn’t cost anything, and goes a long way.



  1. Lovely piece. Like you I’ve also learned it the hard way, that we regard some people as our friends doesn’t necessarily mean they regard us as their friend. I recently realised I was only needed for what I was offering at the time after which when I desperately needed help, I was left in the lurch kind of. People are no more sincere, too many selfishness out there. But we learn, we hurt and we move on. For there are still just a few sincere people left, sadly so.

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  2. A good thought. In the world of social media, all this holds even more importance. I have so many virtual friends there but just a handful who really care about me. I am lucky to have those few.

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  3. Over the years, we realize who our true friends really are. The ones who don’t leave you during your roughest times are the most sincere ones. We don’t need many of those wonderful people. It’s the quality that matters.

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  4. Great post, many people nowadays have no propriety. Gratitude for kindness is a principle as basic as honesty and trust. I am saddened when I see all these cases where people have made light of your kindness, such as the employee who embezzled your restaurant supplies and now this. But, I really admire your loyalty to your husband, and your generosity!

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