BRAND X is rated best of Beverly Hills by the Health Beauty Channel and I have one.

The ‘Brand X Optimized Best Professional Stylist Ionic Hair Dryer Outperforms ALL with 2000 Watt Blow Hot & & Super Lightweight New X Technology Dries 50x Faster Built for Salon Quality Blowout! High Gloss Black ‘ is my new toy.

I have only inexpensive hair dryers all under $30, and couldn’t believe that I am the owner of a hair dryer that ‘professional hair stylists in fast paced salons and movie sets’t use.  It’s retail price is $210, and the Amazon price is $124.

I have had it for a week now, and used it 3 times.  It states that: ‘It outperformed others by 50x more power, air velocity, heat, smaller size, lighter weight, comfort and design.’

First off it looks amazing, and is really comfortable in the hand.  I combed my hair to the style I wanted, and switched it on.  It didn’t feel hot to the head, but dried my hair so quickly.  The hairdryer stayed cool, and didn’t get really hot to the touch, like my other ones do.

This is more about the product: ‘HOW IT WORKS:   BRAND X Ion proprietary technology dissipates water molecules quickly and uses negative ions to seal and smooth the cuticle. Whether thick or fine, textured or straight, expect frizz-free, voluminous, and silky hair after every use.’

This is true, as I didn’t have to use my straightening brush, once my hair was dry.  It is an all in one tool for your hair.  When using it at home, they suggest that you contact t

he manufacturer or a professional hair stylist to discuss the product, and your type of hair, to produce the best results.

I have always taken care of my own hair, and found that extra instruction, was not needed for me.

The Brand X Blow Dryer comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

I received this product at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.


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