I get some weird compliments, well I guess that they are, and not the opposite.

Over the past 4 years I have gone down from 130 pounds, to 107.  This isn’t by choice, as when Len  goes into hospital, and has something major going on, we can both loose 15 to 20 pounds each time.

I workout everyday, because muscle weighs heavier than fat, and feel that I have an amazing body for a 68 year old.  Most people at the gym tell me what a great physique I have, which makes me feel really good about myself.

When we are out socializing, people will say to me ‘You are as skinny as a beanpole’, and that really pees me off.  Using a hyperbole like that, really makes me feel that I are not doing the best for my body.  I will take the ones when they say that I am slim, but pick them up on the ones that are hurtful to me.

I eat healthy, and my doctor is really pleased with me.

What is the hyperbole that really annoys you, or frustrates you?



  1. I would never hurt someone by saying that, I would thought about retaliating ad saying your fat, but never would. I was broght pwith

    I think that is so mean. I would never tell someone they were over weight.

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  2. No you probably don’t, I get myself in a lot of trouble because of my attitude and because I speak my mind. Too many of those around me prefer to remain silent and let things eat away at them until they explode and then walk away from the problems. I always end up as the bad guy, but I just don’t let it get to me.

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  3. We call those backhanded compliments. You look amazing and congrats for taking such good care of your self. I don’t let what someone I don’t really care about make any difference in what they say or think about me. Most of the time they are just jealous or unhappy.

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  4. Yeah just right “muscle weighs heavier than fat” I know well as old (top) sportsman – by the way it isn’t a matter of how others feel about fitness of our bodies, but a matter of how we feel ourselves – we have to listen to our body and not to some who have their own point of view and reason saying what they say… 😀

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  5. Keep doing you! Don’t let others bring you down. People used to tell me a lot that I’m really skinny/thin too.
    “What someone says about you, says more about them than it does of you.” 😉

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  6. I struggle with being underweight when stressed out. So many people say, “I wish I had that problem.” While I understand where they’re coming from, it’s really bothersome. With some people, I can say, “I wish we could just meet in the middle.” Otherwise it’s such a touchy issue for so many, it’s sometimes wisest to drop it.

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  7. I normally get, you eat so many vegetables, one day you’re gonna wake up as one! I used to eat things I didn’t want and pretend I didn’t exercise, because I felt rude not ‘fitting in’ with other people. Now i’m more confident being myself, I feel so much happier and also more accepted. I love your confidence and pride in your body!

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