Irksome is a word I haven’t used in awhile.

I tend to use the word annoying often, but can’t remember the last time I used the word irksome.  However, it is the Daily Post, one word Prompt today.

I know that Len has a lot of annoying habits, and so do I, but we have grown used to them, and accept them.  If we didn’t life would be really irksome.



  1. In terms of a long term relationship I think “irksome” is a minor thing. But if it grows to a “resentment” then it has to be dealt with or trouble will follow. I like the cat too!

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  2. “Irksome” is at a level that can be dealt with. I agree with the earlier comment — “resentment” is the point where it’s really a problem. We all have our irksome qualities. It’s nice to get to a point where there’s some comfort in living with someone else’s.

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