I need help please. Not anymore. It’s working.

I have just bought a Beasyjoy Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Waterproof Sports Bracelet Activity Watch Run Exercise Tracking Armband Step Walking Counter Wireless Wristband Pedometer for iOS and Android Black, and am totally stuck.

I have charged it up with the USB slot in my laptop, and I can’t get any further.

I have taken a photo of the instructions, but if they are too small, it states: Remove the watch strap, insert the host into the USB port to charge and activate the bracelet.  Down

load and install APP.  Scan the following two-dimensional code or enter the major application marked download and install APP JYou.  System requirements: Android 4.4. Mine is a 6.0.1.  Installation process should agree with the authorization request.

Bind bracelet and sync data.  Open APP, click on the upper right of the icon according to the prompts, to complete registration.  After successful registration, you can log in.

So I am stuck at the beginning, because all I was able to do was charge.

I really appreciate any help.


Thank you for your help, and coupled with the seller answering the final question. I now have it working.  I will be writing a review of it, in the next few days, after I have tested it fully.


  1. It sounds like it’s waiting for a driver. Get on the tech line for some step-by-step help. If there isn’t any help available it might be time to send it back for a refund.

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  2. I couldn’t find how to scan on my phone, but clicked on the link. Thank you. It has downloaded, but I still can not get anything to come up on the watch. It has now been charging for 4 hours.Is that enough?


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