Daily Prompt: Vegetal

When the Daily Post Prompt is a word I rarely use, I tend to check it on a search engine.  This is what I came up with:

1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of plants.
2. Relating to growth rather than to sexual reproduction; vegetative.
3. Vegetal (wine), a descriptive term used in wine tasting.
4. Végétal, the second studio album by singer-songwriter Émilie Simon.
Of course I knew it was related to plants/vegetables, and I vaguely remember it in our sex education classes, back in the late 50′, early 60′.
I wonder how many older folks out there smile on how sex education was approached in those days.  Purely clinical. My parents never mentioned it, and when I was about to leave school at age 15, was asked if I had been told about the ‘birds and bees’ while at school.
How life has changed over the years.  Anyone else remember how they found out, or willing to share?


  1. I found out from senior boys. When the senior boys said both girls and women also have sex drive and they also talk about it, I never believed it.

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  2. Life certainly has changed, I remember having to hide a book on menstruation from my parents for fear of punishment. Ironically, I learned about sexuality from playboy magazines I found in there room and yes I was snooping.

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  3. I live in India. We don’t get a sex education class here but when I was in 7th grade back in 2007, the boys of my class were taken to a hall and girls were taken to a different hall. We were wondering what’s all this about. A doctor from a reputed hospital had visited to talk about puberty and stuff. Boys and girls were addressed separately by male and female doctors.

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  4. I’m Canadian and we were taught in grade 5, but I had learned about it through my older cousins from New York when I was 6…and they were far from clinical in how they shared the information with me 🙂

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