easyDecor Solar String Lights for the holidays, or anytime.

I  am someone who loves having lots of lights.  They can be indoors, or outside, just as long as they are pretty.  That’s why I was happy to receive a new set.

Solar Christmas String Lights, easyDecor Copper Wire 100 LED 33ft Warm White Waterproof Decorative Starry Fairy Rope Light for Thanksgiving, Outdoor, Indoor, Party, Patio, Garden, Holiday, Wedding, Xmas Tree, are tiny lights that shine brightly.

They are outside lights

, so you need to find a sunny spot, to put the spike in the ground.  It comes in 2 pieces that push together.  Then put the solar panel into the slot.  These should be out all day, so that they work all night.  I don’t have a problem with that, as I live in sunny Florida.

Once they are charged, and the on/flash/off button, is switched to on, they will come on at dusk, and go off at first light, or any bright light.

They can go anywhere that you like them too.  I plan to have them up the trunk of one of my trees, but am leaving it until the end of the month.  I charged them up in the garden, and checked them out, and they work perfectly.

They also come with screws if you want to mount the solar panel on a wall/wooden frame etc.  Being on copper wire, you can twist, and turn them in any direction.

They are so perfect, and pretty to look at.  Like little jewels lighting up the darkness.

I received this product for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.



  1. My spouse laughed at me when I decorated our summer space with white holiday lights. I think he enjoyed the outcome as it was beautiful. White lights aren’t just for the holidays, I never store my lights away for that reason.

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