The caravan could have gone up in flames.

I could only have been 4, or 5, and vaguely remember this incident, but my brother who is 7 years older than me often speaks of it.

We were poor, when I was growing up, and usually got 1 day at the seaside, during the summer months.  I believe my grandmother paid for my parents, my brother, and I to have a week in a caravan, by the sea.

It was really tiny, and had a double burner for cooking food.  My Mum had the windows open, and the curtains were moving with the wind coming in.  The curtains caught on fire, and were starting to go up in flames.

My mother put them out with her hands.  She didn’t care about being burned, just knew that we couldn’t pay, if the caravan was lost.  Also our clothes, bedding, and towels were in there, and we certainly couldn’t afford to loose them.

Yes, these were the ‘Good old days’



  1. We nearly had a fire in our fishing van, we were headed down the beach one night and the entire back filled with smoke, the only thing that stopped it from being flames was that it was under the floor carpet and there wasn’t enough air flow. The big difference with our situation though was that we were adults and it was our wiring to the fridge that caused it. 🙂

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