I bet you know someone like this.

There always has to be one in a crowd, that is fishing for compliments.  Is my hair okay?, What do you think of my dress?, I must look awful as I only had a few minutes to get ready?

They know that you aren’t going to say that their hair is a mess, or looks awful.  That their dress is way too short, and the color doesn’t suit them. You will always tell them that they look great, no matter what.

So why do people do it?  Is it insecurity, do they just want to be praised, or maybe even be the center of attraction.

I know that is not me.  I am a very quiet person, in a crowd, and only get loud when I am writing.  This is where I come to life, and express my feelings.

I would be interested to know what kind of person you are, yes, honestly.

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  1. Maybe you should give them a little psych talk. “don’t you trust your own judgement?” and “Why is it that you don’t have confidence in your own choices?” You might make them stop and think. Or at least stop asking for your opinion. 🙂

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  2. I wish friends were more honest with their appraisal when asked. A good friend will let you know you’re a train wreck allowing you opportunity to make needed changes before going out in public.

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  3. I know someone like this, but I love her to bits and even if something doesn’t look right, I still like her style and the way she carries herself, so I give her the support she needs. Could be for any reason…even insecure. We all get insecure once ina while anyway…not so?

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  4. What an honest post.

    I’m currently writing about 4 steps to get rid of that insecurity so it’s nice to get some inspiration from other blogs. I really enjoyed reading your experiences and feelings about it. Post well done🙂

    Keep it up


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