This is the truth, even though you may never eat a donut again

We owned a restaurant for a few years, until my husband had quintuple by-pass surgery.  Therefore I became a Certified Food Manager.

A couple of years later a friend of mine said that a donut shop that had been refurbished, needed staffing.  She suggested I work there.  I applied for a part-time position, as I wasn’t sure what I intended to do.

Of course I got the job, but didn’t last long.  There was never bleach to go in the water bucket for cleaning.  I was constantly asking for it, so often the place was filthy.

If they dropped a tray of donuts, they didn’t get thrown away, they were covered in sprinkles.  We had ants running around the food, and often had to shake them off, before putting food in the bags.

I can’t say how they got through the health inspections, but I guessed that it probably wasn’t in the manual.

To this day I do not go to that store and get a donut.


19 thoughts on “This is the truth, even though you may never eat a donut again

  1. Awful. I also worked at a donut shop, Dunkin’ Donuts, while in college, and we didn’t have that problem, fortunately. It probably depends on the individual shop and who is running it. Our problem wasn’t dirty working conditions — it was that we would sell out of donuts so fast that the shelves would be empty and the customers would get super-irate, which I couldn’t blame them, really, I mean, that’s what we were about, donuts, so if you don’t have any donuts what’s the point? But because they are made from scratch, it takes hours to restock the shelves.

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  2. YUK! I worked behind the deli in a well known supermarket. The manager made us change the dates on the cheeses/meats if they were going out of date. So folk were therefore buying old out of date stuff! I usually buy my cheese and meat pre-packaged now!


  3. There is horror stories everywhere. I used to deliver to KFC stores where the grease was so thick on the floor it was like skating. Storage areas where we stacked the bread that was mice ridden and next to large dumpsters. There was a rat bigger than many domestic cats at one of the shops I delivered too. We used to end up with diesel on our hands and still deliver the bread. But the best one was always loading the truck at midnight and lifting up a crate of bread that was still warm and three mice are asleep on the warm bags, the bread still goes to the shop.

    I gave up listening to stories about food handling practises years ago


  4. I remember once, after attending a wedding in a swanky location, the bride needed me to gather her things in the kitchen. When I went around to the kitchen, it was so filthy and the staff had worn a path exposing the floor tile beneath the grime.

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