Living in Florida we see it all.

My husband and I go to the beach almost every month, and spend a few days at our timeshare.  We own weeks there, but as Len is President of the board, and I am a director, we stay over.

It is quite frightening in June, July, and August, when the lily white bodies are laying on the beach.  They arrive just after sunrise, and stay all day.  I know the reason is, that they only have a week or two of vacation, and are determined to get a tan.

However, they are going to burn, and have scorched bodies.

The following day you will see them with white sunscreen all over them, or a tee shirt on.  They must be suffering from the pain of sun burn, but still go back on the beach.

I learned my lesson at age 16, when I went to Cornwall, in England, and fell asleep on the beach.  I had blisters, and they were so painful.  Now I smother myself in a sunscreen of at least 60. It works for me.



  1. I do notice that I see more dermatologists per square mile in Florida than any other place I travel to! An important thing to remember is than some skin cancers like Basal Cell aren’t as dangerous but are caused by continual exposure to sun, not necessarily bad burns. I rarely burn anymore but because I live in a sunny state now (yes, Colorado has more than 300 days of sun a year) I do have to be careful (high altitude makes it worse as sun is stronger)

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