Goodia 72.5ft 22m 200 LED Solar String Lights, Ambiance lighting for Outdoor, Patio, etc.

I can tell you that my front garden, and the front of my home, are going to look amazing this Christmas.  That is due to the Goodia 72.5ft 22m 200 LED Solar String Lights, Ambiance lighting for Outdoor, Patio, Lawn, Landscape, Fairy Garden, Home, Wedding, Holiday, Christmas Party, Xmas Tree, Waterproof, and all the other sets of lights I have.

These are solar lights, which mean that you find a sunny spot outside, and put the spike into the ground.  The preparation beforehand is to put the 2 pieces of spike together, and insert the solar panel to the top.  Have it raised towards the sun.

Once done, it is ready. Use the on/off switch, and the mode switch underneath the solar panel, and as soon as it is dusk they will come on.  Then at sunrise they will turn themselves off.

I love these, because we go away quite a bit, and I haven’t got to worry about setting timers for my lights.

This will be so pretty, and being a warm white, they really stand out.  You can string them along, put them in clumps, and even make a design with them.  Having 200 LED lights on this string really makes for an abundance of lights.

I received this item for free, and I am writing an honest, and unbiased review, which is my own choice.

I apologize that WordPress is not allowing me to add photos right now.  I will try later.

Antique LED Bulb,GOODIA E12 Candelabra Base 4W Dimmable COB LED Filament Flame Tip Vintage Candle Light Bulb For Home,Kitchen,Dining Room,Bedroom,Living Room,40W Incandescent Replacement

Goodia Battery Operated 10.49Ft 30er Silver Moroccan Orb LED Fairy Lights



  1. How long do they hold their charge? Also, I’ve been told that loading your photos in a photo service, like Flickr, then inserting via link into your blog cuts load time.

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