Elicit the truth.

When we owned our restaurant, here in Florida, most of our employees were great.  However, to try and get a good, reliable dishwasher, was almost impossible.

At one time Len hired a guy that had a criminal record.  I was not at all happy, when I found out that it was for ‘grievous bodily harm’.

When he was at the restaurant he worked hard, and Len tended to give him food, as well as wages.  He even bought him a bicycle for Christmas, so that it made it easier for him to get to work.

However, on another holiday, that he was scheduled to work, he didn’t show up.  I got to the restaurant before him the next day, and locked the back door, so he just couldn’t walk in.  When he showed, he said that he had been sick.  Okay, then why not phone?  I had to elicit the truth out of him.

He had got drunk, and was hung over.  I fired him on the spot, but a few months later, my husband, Mr. Softy took him back on.

I could tell you hundreds of stories about the restaurant days.


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