Yetelle Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Cone Dripper With Cup Stand

I have a mug of decaffeinated coffee in the morning, and use a filter coffee maker for it.  It seems a waste of filter, and cleaning, for just one mug of coffee.  That’s one of the reasons I wanted the Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee Cone Dripper With Cup Stand- Perfect for Manual Brewing – Ultra Fine Micro Mesh Filter – Paperless and Reusable – BONUS: Coffee Scooping Spoon + Cleaning Brush.

Because I drink decaf, and Starbucks only have it made in the mornings, they make me a ‘Pour Over’ if I stop in during the afternoon, or evening.  To me a pour over is fresher than coffee that has been sitting for awhile.

The coffee cone  is an elegant item to have in your kitchen.  It goes with a lot of my other stainless steel items.  The top and bottom are metal, and the cone is made of mesh metal, which is extremely fine, so that the grounds don’t go through it.  It has a rubber handle, and base.

You sit it on top of your favorite cup, or mug, use the matching scoop/spoon, and add your coffee.  Then get your hot/boiling water, and carefully swirl it around the coffee.  This is done slowly so that the water mixes with the coffee.  Standing doing this drives me crazy for my coffee.  It smells ten times better than brewing in a coffee pot.

My coffee tastes much better, and the coffee cone filter stayed on my mug, with no mess, or drips.  I allowed it to dry, and then tipped the grinds into my compost bin.  My husband washed it up for me, and it is ready to use again, in the morning.

It also comes with a cleaning brush.

This is a perfect product for me.  The only negative that might happen is, if someone grinds their coffee really fine.  I am not saying it would, but the finest of grinds might go through the mesh.

I received this item at a discounted price, and I was under no obligation to write a review, but always do.  These

are my honest, and unbiased reviews.

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