Holidays can be chaotic if you don’t plan ahead

First I just wanted to wish all my American friends, Happy Thanksgiving.  I know that the supermarkets were busy yesterday with everyone buying food items.

Len and I are still Resident Aliens, or ‘Green Card holders’, so today is the same as any other day for us.  Each morning I thank the Lord for the day, so feel that thanksgiving to me, is a year long thing.

That said, I am sure that there is chaos in many homes right now, with the preparation, and feeding family, and friends.

For Len and myself, we got us late, had cereal and fruit.  I then went on Skype with my daughter in England.  We then walked a local park, and ended up at Denny’s restaurant for brunch.

Now it’s home for the rest of the day.  We will be watching the Manchester United game against Feyenoord at 3 p.m.  A relaxing day for us, as I am not interested in the chaotic antics of people fighting the crowds, at the sales starting this evening.


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