Vmanoo Solar Christmas Flower Starry Fairy String Lights 21ft 50 LED Blossom Decorative Light

By now anyone reading my blog posts will know how much I love fairy lights.  So I am really happy to get the Vmanoo Solar Christmas Flower Starry Fairy String Lights 21ft 50 LED Blossom Decorative Light for Garden, Patio, Tree, Party, Bedroom, Xmas Decorations, Indoor and Outdoor décor (Multi-color)/

These are so pretty, and I can’t wait until I can fully decorate my front garden, for Christmas.  I keep 5 or 6 sets going all year around, as they help with security, and make the front area a Fairyland.  We live in a development, and they don’t allow anything on the grass, until after the landscapers have done one in December.

The Vmanoo Solar Flower Lights are really beautiful.  As you can see in my photos, they have big flowers, and the colors are yellows, pinks, greens, and purple.  When they flash you can get very pale colors, to vivid ones.

They are so easy to install.  You put the stake together, and push the solar panel into it.  Put it into the ground, in a nice sunny spot, in the garden.  Once the solar panel on top has had a few hours of sunshine, they are ready to work.  You press the on/off switch under the panel, and set the pattern with the mode button.  That’s it.  They will come on when the sun goes down, and go off when it comes up.

Being solar there is no cost to you, apart from the original cost of the lights.  Also if you go away, you don’t have to worry about switching them on or off, or getting a timer.  They are certainly a great product,

that will last a long time.

I received these lights at a discounted price, and took it upon myself to write a review.  It is totally my own review, and in no way was I influenced to write one.



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