MOXO Women’s & Men’s Coral Fleece bedroom Slippers /Footwear Memory Foam Clogs

My slippers were from last Christmas, and literally falling to pieces.  So when I received the MOXO Women’s & Men’s Coral Fleece bedroom Slippers /Footwear Memory Foam Clogs, I wore them immediately.

So it’s been 11 days, and my feet feel amazing.  They have a waterproof sole, which is really thick, and of course the memory foam.  This allows my feet to almost sink in them.  They feel so soft, and really warm.

There are a bunch of colors to choose from, which allows a man to get the brown, blue, or gray, and someone like me red, pink, or purple.  The sizing is from a five and a half, up to a twelve.

This is taken from the Amazon page: ‘FULLY WATERPROOF – Moxo’s memory foam clog slippers are machine washable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to their water-repellent properties. The TPR rubber sole provides comfort and cushioning and has an anti-skid feature, giving you exceptional grip on hardwood and tiled flooring, and wet outdoor conditions.’

This is truly amazing, and certainly what we all need, when we get up there in years.  It’s nice to know that they look really good, are so comfortable, and are safe in most conditions.

When Len’s slippers wear out, these will be the next ones he wears.

I received these slippers at a discounted price, and chose to write a review.  These are my own results, and no way did I have to write a review, but wanted too.



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