A 68 year old women with lots of vigor.

Today is a boxing/kick boxing day for me.  Usually I would do it on a Sunday, but yesterday after doing a Zumba class that was 8,200 steps, I decided to do arms today.

We go to a gym where older people use in the mornings, and it is wonderful to see them working out.  They always say that I never sit down for coffee, or stop for a second, and wish that they had the vigor that I put into it.

I am a fanatic, and can only  imagine missing a day at the gym, if I am walking instead.  There is no way on this earth that I will not workout, unless my husband is sick, or in hospital.

Do you love to make yourself feel, and look younger, in mind, and body?  I know I do.



  1. I admire your tenacity with sticking with your program. You’ve done well with staying youthful, fit, and agile. I too am working to achieve the same results as I age. At 52 I find that I can lift heavier than I did twenty years ago, I’m growing out of my clothes, not due to bodyfat but instead muscle development.
    You should look into competing as an older adult, we have local people who have set world lifting records in their age bracket. I’m sure you’d be able to set a few world records as well.

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  2. You ma’am are a true inspiration! I’m 28 and walk about 22kms a week, spend 6 hours in a martial arts class, have my own novice weightlifting routine/elliptical. I’m going to keep training so I can be as awesome as you, if I make it to that great age. Thanks for following my blog, and I’ll return the favor.

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