Bad memories fade in time

At age 68 I certainly have a lot of memories that have accumulated over time.  Early years were really hard, as we were extremely poor, just after the war in England.

I married at 19, because I wasn’t happy at home, and that turned out to be a nightmare.  When it came to my husband putting a knife to my throat, and threatening to kill me if I took our daughter away, was the worst.

However, he passed away a couple of years later, which took away some of my pain.  I married a second time, which is now 36 years on, and those bad memories are now faded.  They rarely pop up in my mind.


29 thoughts on “Bad memories fade in time

  1. How cruel life was for you ! Fortunately, by the grace of God you enjoy a successful and happy life now. But remember everyone has undergone an unpleasant experience at some point of one’s life.

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  2. Memories can really haunt one, sometimes I find myself slipping away recalling events that are in horror stories, or reported in the nightly news. I have to drag myself from those memories. I don’t think I’ll ever be completely free from them. Sometimes I wish I could erase them but then they have made me who I am.

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  3. Yikes! I can’t even imagine how hard that was. Everything happens to us for a reason, and I’m glad to hear the pain faded with time.

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  4. Physical abuse in the home and family violence all tough things to go through, I know. Keep keepin on, girlfriend. Sharing ur story will help so many, besides being a release for yourself too. God bless.

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