Bad memories fade in time

At age 68 I certainly have a lot of memories that have accumulated over time.  Early years were really hard, as we were extremely poor, just after the war in England.

I married at 19, because I wasn’t happy at home, and that turned out to be a nightmare.  When it came to my husband putting a knife to my throat, and threatening to kill me if I took our daughter away, was the worst.

However, he passed away a couple of years later, which took away some of my pain.  I married a second time, which is now 36 years on, and those bad memories are now faded.  They rarely pop up in my mind.



  1. How cruel life was for you ! Fortunately, by the grace of God you enjoy a successful and happy life now. But remember everyone has undergone an unpleasant experience at some point of one’s life.

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  2. Memories can really haunt one, sometimes I find myself slipping away recalling events that are in horror stories, or reported in the nightly news. I have to drag myself from those memories. I don’t think I’ll ever be completely free from them. Sometimes I wish I could erase them but then they have made me who I am.

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  3. Yikes! I can’t even imagine how hard that was. Everything happens to us for a reason, and I’m glad to hear the pain faded with time.

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  4. Physical abuse in the home and family violence all tough things to go through, I know. Keep keepin on, girlfriend. Sharing ur story will help so many, besides being a release for yourself too. God bless.

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