InstaNatural Vitamin C Moisturizer Cream – Facial Anti Aging & Wrinkle Reducing Lotion for Men & Women

At age 68, well in 6 weeks time you can add another year onto that, I do whatever I can to keep my lines/wrinkles remain the same.  I know that there isn’t a wonder product that will reverse it, but staying the same is good for me.

That’s why I was happy to receive my InstaNatural Vitamin C Moisturizer Cream.  It is a facial anti aging & wrinkle reducing Lotion for Men and Women.

First off, I have to say, that it is a big bottle.  It is 3.4 fluid ounce/100 ml.  Once you remove the cap, you pull out the little bit of plastic on the tip, where the moisturizer comes out.  Then push down on the top.  It will take several of these, the first time you use it.

The lotion, it thick enough to be called a cream, as you can see in the photograph.   It rubs in really well, and goes a long way.  It has a strong citrus smell to begin with, and then disappears within minutes.  It doesn’t leave a shine, and isn’t sticky.

I have been using it for just over a week now.  I wash my face, cleanse it, use a toner, serum, and then the InstaNatural Vitamin C Moisturizer in the mornings, and again before going to bed.

My skin is really soft, and smooth, but it is too early to say whether any improvement in dark spots, and wrinkles has occurred.  As I previously said, if it stays the same, I feel I am on top of my game.

I received this item for free, and no way did it influence me in writing my review.


Health to all in 2017.

This time last year my husband was in hospital.  He had been in pain for awhile, had tests, and was taking pain pills, and muscle relaxers.  He finally fell in his bathroom, and broke 4 ribs.  After fighting me, and the paramedics for 30 minutes, he finally went in the ambulance.

He had a gangrene gallbladder, and would have died within months, if it hadn’t have been found.  He was in hospital from the middle of December, for a couple of weeks.  In ICU for most of it.  I almost lost him twice.

January started in a rehab facility for him, while I bought a condo, and put our townhouse up to sale.  4 months later, life began to improve for us.

I spent Christmas, and New Year with him, in the hospital.

I am hopeful of a better 2017, and praying for good health for everyone.  That is the most important thing, because without it you have nothing.


Qualcomm 4 USB Quick Charger 3.0

In this day and age we all seem to collect so many electronic, and all of them need to be charged. I have a big charging station, that takes 4 plugs, and 4 USB ports, that stays by my chair.

However, when I am on the move, or at out timeshare, the Qualcomm 4 USB Quick Charger, is going to be a great asset. it is really small, and measures two and three quarter inches x two and a quarter inches x one and one eighth.

The prongs that go into the socket comes out of the opposite side to the ports. They then push back in when finished.

It is suitable for Samsung/iPhone/smartphone/tablet/Camera/Mp3 player and much more.

This is going in my travel case, and when I go away most months of the year, it will be perfect to use. There are never enough outlets for me to keep our smartphones, tablets, and laptops fully charged.

I don’t do technical stuff, so if you are need that, leave me a comment and I will copy it off the box.

I received this product for free, and choose to write a review about it. It is totally my own opinion of Qualcomm 4 USB Quick Charger.

Chef Remi Kitchen Shears | Lifetime Replacement Warranty | Award-Winning Multi-Purpose Utility Scissors for Chicken, Poultry, Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Herbs

I have several of the Chef Remi kitchen line products, and can’t speak highly enough of them.  I use the digital food thermometer almost daily, and I won’t cook, or reheat food without it.  I also have the baking mats, that I use when making my sausage rolls.  So when I had a chance of getting the Chef Remi Kitchen Shears, I just had to have them.

They come with a lifetime guarantee, and will never need to be sharpened.  I have a small hand, with long fingers, and they feel perfect when using.  They are very smooth, and fairly quiet.

I used them when cutting up the last of my turkey, but my hands were such a mess, and my husband was nowhere to be seen, so I couldn’t take a photo.

As well as cutting food items, they can be used for other uses around the house.  I have used them for cutting string, and also those wire twizzles, that are used to tie the ends of bags.

At the top of the handles, in the middle section are serrated blades, that can be used for nut crackers, or a bottle opener.  The blades are safe to touch, but strong enough to do the job on hand.

I do have several other pairs of kitchen shears/scissors, but these are going in the drawer I put my favorite utensils in.  The others can be used in the garage, or garden.

I received these at a discounted price, and wanted to write a review about them.  I didn’t have to, but wished to share my opinion with you.

In a perfect world there wouldn’t be any rape and pillaging.

Living in Florida, and this can happen all over the world, I really hate to see the aftermath of a hurricane, tornado, etc., and how the worst can come out in people.

You see them stealing from shops, homes, and from people that are now without a home, and many without hope.

I pray that in the future the pillage/looting will stop, and that the goodwill comes out in all people.  Helping, and giving is what the human race should be thinking about, as 2017 comes in.

Peace, and love to everyone.


Majestic Pure Peppermint Oil, 100% Pure and Authentic Essential Oils, 10% MenthoFuran, 1 fl. oz

I so love my essential oils, and one of my favorites is peppermint.  So I was happy to receive the Majestic Pure Peppermint Oil, 100% Pure and Authentic Essential Oils, 10% MenthoFuran, 1 fl. oz.

With all essentials oils, in comes in a dark brown bottle to protect the contents.  There is a screw cap, and a dropper, to allow you to add the correct amount of oil.

I use mine in my diffusers, that I keep in all my rooms.  It only takes a few drops to create a really fresh minty smell, in the house.

I also use them with Shea butter, and a carrier oil, to make my own moisturizer.  I tend to use the more feminine smells for the body, and make up small batches, of ones such as peppermint, if I get a headache.  It also helps to relieve stress for me.

These tiny 1 fluid ounce bottles go a really long way, as you use so little, at a time.

I received mine at a discounted price, and chose to write a review. No one influenced me on what to write.

Vmanoo Christmas Decorative Solar Powered Lights, 30LED 19.7ft 8Modes Waterdrop Fairy String light for qOutdoor, Indoor, Home, Patio, Lawn, Garden, Party, Wedding, Valentines Gift

It may be Christmas day, and most families are enjoying each others company, but it’s just my husband, and myself.  We had breakfast, and now I am enjoying having a relaxing time.  That’s why I thought I would write a review on the Vmanoo Christmas Decorative Solar Powered Lights, 30LED 19.7ft 8Modes Waterdrop Fairy String light for Outdoor, Indoor, Home, Patio, Lawn, Garden, Party, Wedding, Valentines Gift.

Most of my lights are circular, or tiny lights, but these are big boys.  The waterdrop style is beautiful, because they hang down.  They are so simple to use, being solar.  They come with an instruction leaflet.  You push the 2 pieces of the stake together, and then slide the solar panel onto it. Find a sunny spot in the garden, and let the sun do it’s job.

Once dusk comes the lights will come on.  There are 8 different modes, and I like the flashing ones, but with just a push of the mode button, under the solar panel you can change them.  They go off in the morning, and then store the sunlight throughout the day.

I have many strings of lights, and it certainly makes my front garden look pretty.

I received these beautiful lights at a discounted price, and wanted to write a review about them.  It was my own choice to do so.  The Amazon Prime price is really good right now, so you may want to get them for New Year’s Eve.


Happy holidays, Merry Christmas.

I just wanted to wish you happy holidays, or Merry Christmas, as I have so many friends all over the world.

Today we are heading out to an Eggnog party, and then I will be making Sausage Rolls, and a sugar free cake, for Len.

Tomorrow we are at a friends house for Christmas dinner.  Then Boxing day I will be going the traditional English dinner.  Our Christmas will be bountiful, and I am so thankful, hope yours it too.

So if I am not around too much, you will know why.


Pealrich Peacock Fashion Jewelry Pendent Necklace with Swarovski Crystal.

I have a new piece of jewelry, and it’s the Pealrich “Peacock” Fashion Jewelry Pendant Love Necklace With Swarovski Crystal ,Elegant Gifts for Women.

Most of my necklaces are gold chains, with small charms on them, but I wanted something bright, and beautiful for Christmas.  That’s why I chose the Swarovski Crystal Peacock.

As you can see from the photos, it is beautifully crafted, and sparkles in the light.   The light reflects all the different colors in it.  The back is totally smooth, and the face/neck area of the peacock has little ridges.  This is suitable for teens, and adults, but not young children.

From the Amazon webpage: ‘Notice : 100% authentic Swarovski Elements Crystals recognized by his certificates and Swarovski seal. Swarovski element is not the same as Swarovski, Swarovski Elements are crystal used by various designers and manufactured in independent workshops. While Pealrich products are of the highest standard and use genuine crystal supplied by Swarovski, Swarovski products alone belong to the Swarovski brand.’

It comes in a pretty box, with a cloth for cleaning it, and also an instruction leaflet too.

I have a gorgeous red dress for Christmas day, and as our friends have invited us to dinner, I plan on wearing my new ‘Peacock’ necklace.  I am sure that I will be the belle of the ball.

It comes with a 30 day return policy, and a 1 year warranty against defeat.

I was lucky enough to be sent this beautiful piece of jewelry for free, and am sharing my views on it, because I love doing so.

BC Belts Canvas Web Belt D-Ring Buckle 1.25″ Wide with Metal Tip Solid Color

I received this belt, and it didn’t have a seller’s name on it, so have had to do some detective work, to finally pinpoint which one it is.  I am happy to say that I have the BC Belts Canvas Web Belt D-Ring Buckle belt.  The color is navy blue, and the rings, and end are a silver color.

I have the small/medium, which is for waist sizes 30 to 35 inches.  This was the smallest one I could get, and I do have a small waist, so this is going to be used with my hipster jeans, and trousers.  It will be the perfect size.

The canvas web has a very tight weave, so this is a very strong belt.  The silver color tip, and rings, make it look classy.  The belt is very well made, and will be part of my wardrobe of clothes.  It comes in fourteen colors, and you can see them, by clicking the link below.

I received this belt for free, and no one is expecting me to write a review on it, as they never followed up.  So I am doing this, because I love writing reviews.