Where did that ham go?

When we owned our restaurant, we expected the employees to give their friends extra food, soda, etc., and also eat the ‘mistakes’.  However, when it came to whole hams vanishing, that was a different matter.

We didn’t have cameras, back in the early 90’s, so had to be devious ourselves to find out what was going on.

Finally the day came when the dishwasher took out the trash.  My husband went out after he had come back in, and went through the dumpster.

There is was, wrapped up in loads of foil, and several bags.  We had our culprit, and the ham returned to where it belonged.  The guy got fired, and I am pleased to say that the hams didn’t go missing again.


13 thoughts on “Where did that ham go?

  1. My son has been working at a Thai restaurant on and off for the last several years. One summer the next door Donut Shop starting giving day olds (quite a large number) to the employees of the Thai restuarant. I casually mentioned it to the Donut Shop owner one time. And then it stopped happening. I was glad. Too many donuts were coming home with my son!

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  2. You did the right thing, I feel the middle way is always the best. This is actually why one of the Buddhist Dharma protectors carries a lute, to symbolize that the middle way is the most suitable since you cannot play a lute if the strings are too tight or too loose.

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