I called the Police yesterday

My husband loves his gold jewelry, and lost a $6,800 bracelet about ten years ago.  He frequently loses rings, but they always turn up.  He did loose weight earlier this year when he had a long stay in I.C.U, and rehab, so I aware that it can happen again.

His Masonic ring went missing on Wednesday afternoon.  We searched  everywhere, and I walked the area that it could have come off, dozens of times.

In the end I phoned the police station, gave a report.  I then had an Officer call me back to verify everything.  They sent me an email with the case number, and I replied with the photo of it.

Can you believe a couple of hours later, my husband found it.

I will have a ring clip put on this ring, as I have been doing it with any that get loose.  We get asked why he wears them, and I said that you don’t have jewelry to have in a safe.  Insurance is so expensive, that if he does loose a piece it is cheaper, than paying years of premiums.

Very happy the missing ring should up.



  1. I am very much surprised about the police immediately responding to the complaint. Our experience is quite different in our country.

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