Hate tea, but love the way my lips feel after using, Aha! Moment Lip Moisture

I have been using this lip balm for several months now, and still working just as good, for my dry lips.


I am reblogging one of my first post, to see if I can get a little love on it.  I still have it, and using it, although it won’t last much longer.

I always have a lip balm in my purse, waist bag, or handbag. I live in Florida, and my lips dry out all the time. I like the ones that leave my lips full of moisture, and that was what I was hoping for with the ‘Aha! Moment Lip Moisture for Healthy Supple Lips, Shea & Coconut Oils, Sweetened with Stevia (Green Tea, FULL) from Green Heart Labs’.

First off I use shea butter every day all over my body. I love the way it feels, and leaves my skin feeling soft, and hydrated. When I read the ingredients I knew this was for me.

I use lip balm a dozen or more times a day. It helps…

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