Simplicity Women’s Batwing Knitted Tassel Pullover Sweater Poncho Shawl

I was really surprised when this beautiful Poncho showed up on my doorstep.  A seller had sent it to me, and I had no recollection of it.

We have had a few chili nights recently, so the Simplicity Women’s Batwing Knitted Tassel Pullover Sweater Poncho Shawl has come in really handy.

It is surprisingly long, as you can see in my photos.  The point comes down below my knees in the front, and covers to almost my wrists.  It is made of 65% Cotton + 35% Acrylic, but to me is so soft, that it could have been wool.  Warm?  Yes, it is really cozy, and warm.  It is really great to snuggle into.

The pattern is large diamonds, and small squares, and it is finished with a cute fringe/tassels.

When I put it on, the neckline can be a V shape, or it can be pulled more across on both sides, and becomes a ‘boat line’, as we used to call it.

It can be worn with almost anything.  I feel it will be great with trousers/jeans, or a flowing long dress.  It comes in several colors, and 2 different necklines.  You can check these out by clicking on the link below.

I have never had a poncho before, so am enjoying mixing, and matching it, with my other clothes.

I received this item for free, and am writing a review as I want to share my thoughts with you.  As I don’t know who sent it to me, I certainly didn’t have to write one, but chose too.


  1. It looks like it will keep you warm on those cold evenings. It’s ten below zero here, I’d need a full length poncho. I laughed at the thought of you eating chili while wearing it to keep warm in the chilly nights. 😉

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