The most relaxing time of the year for me

While everyone else is going crazy this time of the year, this old bird, loves to be relaxed.  You may wonder how, with it being Christmas later this week?  The answer is: we are in our timeshare on the beach, and all I have to do is please myself, and my husband.

We get up late, have cereal here, then I walk the beach.  I then drive us to anywhere my husband wants to go, to have lunch, which is our main meal.

Once back, I walk the beach again.  Come up for some ice cream.  Walk the beach again, and come back up another time, to make sure all is well.  I then have my finally walk on the beach, until the sun goes down, and I get to take photos.  We then have a snack.

In the evening we watch Amazon Prime, or YouTube, and then go to bed around 11.30.  I then sleep through until 8 a.m.

At home I am always on the go, and then can never sleep. I end up watching the clock.  So Christmas time I can totally relax, and do my own thing.  I so miss my family in England, but I will take second best, anytime.



  1. From what you say, I infer you always lunch out. Never prepare anything at home. In India, we mostly prepare breakfast and lunch at home. Rarely we dine at hotels.


  2. We are on vacation. When we are home I cook 6 nights a week. I do a diabetic, kidney, heart, low cholesterol, and low salt diet for my husband. We only eat out one lunchtime a week apart from when we are away from home.

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  3. How wonderful to be by the sea. Walking along the beach is one of my favourite things in life or just sitting watching the waves, boats in the distance, other people walking. Enjoy your holiday and I shall send positive thoughts that both you and your husband will be healthy!

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