BC Belts Canvas Web Belt D-Ring Buckle 1.25″ Wide with Metal Tip Solid Color

I received this belt, and it didn’t have a seller’s name on it, so have had to do some detective work, to finally pinpoint which one it is.  I am happy to say that I have the BC Belts Canvas Web Belt D-Ring Buckle belt.  The color is navy blue, and the rings, and end are a silver color.

I have the small/medium, which is for waist sizes 30 to 35 inches.  This was the smallest one I could get, and I do have a small waist, so this is going to be used with my hipster jeans, and trousers.  It will be the perfect size.

The canvas web has a very tight weave, so this is a very strong belt.  The silver color tip, and rings, make it look classy.  The belt is very well made, and will be part of my wardrobe of clothes.  It comes in fourteen colors, and you can see them, by clicking the link below.

I received this belt for free, and no one is expecting me to write a review on it, as they never followed up.  So I am doing this, because I love writing reviews.





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