In a perfect world there wouldn’t be any rape and pillaging.

Living in Florida, and this can happen all over the world, I really hate to see the aftermath of a hurricane, tornado, etc., and how the worst can come out in people.

You see them stealing from shops, homes, and from people that are now without a home, and many without hope.

I pray that in the future the pillage/looting will stop, and that the goodwill comes out in all people.  Helping, and giving is what the human race should be thinking about, as 2017 comes in.

Peace, and love to everyone.



  1. We had the same thing happen with the 2009 bushifres. Because of the size of the fires and the time they burnt the police couldn’t secure the entire area and pricks came in started looting the burnt out houses that had been cleared but left to concentrate on the fire front area. After day 3 it became a crime scene and the police completely closed down the area and even black banned the media. We sort of became the forgotten area of that weekend because of how many other areas of the state were on fire and because of the media black ban but it at least stopped the looters.

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  2. This is a most excellent post! In the Treatise on Response and Retribution, it is said that:”Those who seize property are like men who foolishly satiate their thirst and hunger with putrid meat and poisoned wine, they may be full for a little while, but the karmic retribution will prove their demise.”

    Thus, respect for basic decency and the rights of others is very important.

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