Qualcomm 4 USB Quick Charger 3.0

In this day and age we all seem to collect so many electronic, and all of them need to be charged. I have a big charging station, that takes 4 plugs, and 4 USB ports, that stays by my chair.

However, when I am on the move, or at out timeshare, the Qualcomm 4 USB Quick Charger, is going to be a great asset. it is really small, and measures two and three quarter inches x two and a quarter inches x one and one eighth.

The prongs that go into the socket comes out of the opposite side to the ports. They then push back in when finished.

It is suitable for Samsung/iPhone/smartphone/tablet/Camera/Mp3 player and much more.

This is going in my travel case, and when I go away most months of the year, it will be perfect to use. There are never enough outlets for me to keep our smartphones, tablets, and laptops fully charged.

I don’t do technical stuff, so if you are need that, leave me a comment and I will copy it off the box.

I received this product for free, and choose to write a review about it. It is totally my own opinion of Qualcomm 4 USB Quick Charger.

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