InstaNatural Vitamin C Moisturizer Cream – Facial Anti Aging & Wrinkle Reducing Lotion for Men & Women

At age 68, well in 6 weeks time you can add another year onto that, I do whatever I can to keep my lines/wrinkles remain the same.  I know that there isn’t a wonder product that will reverse it, but staying the same is good for me.

That’s why I was happy to receive my InstaNatural Vitamin C Moisturizer Cream.  It is a facial anti aging & wrinkle reducing Lotion for Men and Women.

First off, I have to say, that it is a big bottle.  It is 3.4 fluid ounce/100 ml.  Once you remove the cap, you pull out the little bit of plastic on the tip, where the moisturizer comes out.  Then push down on the top.  It will take several of these, the first time you use it.

The lotion, it thick enough to be called a cream, as you can see in the photograph.   It rubs in really well, and goes a long way.  It has a strong citrus smell to begin with, and then disappears within minutes.  It doesn’t leave a shine, and isn’t sticky.

I have been using it for just over a week now.  I wash my face, cleanse it, use a toner, serum, and then the InstaNatural Vitamin C Moisturizer in the mornings, and again before going to bed.

My skin is really soft, and smooth, but it is too early to say whether any improvement in dark spots, and wrinkles has occurred.  As I previously said, if it stays the same, I feel I am on top of my game.

I received this item for free, and no way did it influence me in writing my review.



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