Li-Ning Knee Brace Compression Support Sleeve for Sports, Arthritis, Joint Pain, Injury Recovery, Single

Being a gym rat, I often get injuries.  Therefore I need protection at that time.  Right now I am using a back brace, as I twisted my back a couple of days ago.  That’s why I wanted the Li-Ning Knee Brace Compression Support Sleeve for Sports, Arthritis, Joint Pain, Injury Recovery, Single sleeve.

When I do boxing, and lifting weights, I sometimes get pain in various parts of my body.  That’s when compression products help.

First off I have to say, that this knee brace, is the thickest, and strongest I have seen.  It does have a little stretch in it, but fits really tight.  It is made of rubber, nylon, and spandex.  I love the bright colors too.  I ordered a medium, which fits both my husband who it 163 lbs., and myself 110 lbs.

When I squat, I can feel it supporting my knee, and protecting it from injury.  It is also great when I am kickboxing.  It allows me to raise my leg, and know that it will be fine.

What I found on the website about Li-Ning Knee Brace is: ‘COMPRESSION SLEEVES: Double curved surface designed ergonomically ,best elastic, non-slip, provide full range protection. Minimize joint damage, protect the muscles and joints in training and daily activities. JOINT RECOVERY: Joint injury, knee joint stability can be maintained, avoid joint ligament and tendon injury. Can also improve leg blood circulation, relieve pain, repair joint injury. Improve leg arthritis, tendinitis, vasculitis, varicose veins etc.’

I have another brand of knee braces, but much prefer this one, as I can feel it works.  It holds it totally in place, and I have no fear of doing any harm to my knee.  I am seriously thinking of getting another one.

I received this product for free, and wanted to test it myself, and am happy to share my experience with you.





  1. I have a shorter knee wrap for squatting protection and hiking down mountains. I like the length of this as it looks more comfortable around the calf.

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